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So I’ve finally given in and hopped on the Blog Bandwagon, although I feel more Rupert Giles than Willow Rosenberg about the idea of creating an online presence.

But at Comic Con International this Summer I discovered that there was much I wanted to write about my experiences. Even though by now the pilots, rumors, and confirmed spoilers of The Con are circling The Net, my first few posts will address some of the forthcoming pop media from my perspective as a fan, a feminist, and a critic.

My hope is that in making the effort to frequently contribute to my website I’ll get in the habit of writing everyday (which will help knock back chapters of Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology) and that I’ll have a space to try out ideas, maybe even network.

Feel free to post in the comments, email me directly, and send friends or coworkers who may be interested in my direction.

Here’s hoping you enjoy some (virtual) Ink from the Amazon!

Jennifer K. Stuller

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