Bitch: The Consumed Issue

on September 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have two pieces in the new issue of Bitch Magazine. One is on Peggy Hill’s most feminist moments and is called “Queen of the Hill” (natch). The other is a short Bitch List item on Fringe‘s Agent Olivia Dunham. Of course, there’s LOTS of other great stuff in the issue too!

4 Responses to “Bitch: The Consumed Issue”

  1. Erin says:

    Your piece on Peggy was GREAT! I always defended that show to naysayers in my life, and Peggy, fierce Peggy, was central to my defense.

  2. Jennifer K. Stuller says:

    Thanks! It was a great show – and surprisingly, it was often consistently better than The Simpsons. I'm glad that it will get a proper series finale this weekend.

    And Peggy rocks! I couldn't believe all the people that have compared her and Sarah Palin (disparagingly, natch). It was like, "Don't you KNOW Peggy?!?!" She'd never say so, but she is a fierce feminist – and way more articulate (just not in Spanish ;).

  3. ev says:

    We miss you here in the blogosphere. Come back to us!

  4. Jennifer K. Stuller says:

    Thanks for this – I need a kick in the butt!!!!!

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