The Ink-Stained Amazon’s Holiday Gift Guide For Geeks Day 10!

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Day 10 is a guest post For the Video Game Geek! I enlisted the help of the Ink-Stained Hubby – Ryan R. Wilkerson – a senior art director with Microsoft Game Studios. (Naturally, he’s a little bit biased in his selections – but hey, so am I! So is any Geek!)

Here is his recommended Wish List for 1337 Gamers:

Xbox 360 with Kinect (or Kinect Sensor standalone if you already have an Xbox 360).

Believe the hype – no, seriously. Built on the industry leading Xbox 360, Kinect isn’t so much an evolutionary step up from the Wii’s motion controller-based game console as it is a truly revolutionary advance in entertainment – hyperbole intended, intentional, and true. Intuitive, natural, and fun, Kinect let’s the entire family (Moms and Dads too) join in the fun on anything from party games to dancing, to sports and fitness.

Dance Central (for Kinect)

Who knew that dancing to Lady Gaga in front of your television could be so fun? Trust me, it’s as fun as it is addictive – and great for parties AND workouts! Made by Harmonix, the geniuses behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved (for Kinect)

Forgive the awkward title, and understand this: if your beloved gamer is typical, they spend a lot of time sitting – both at school/work, and in front of the gaming console. Time to shake things up. Ubisoft’s fitness “game” (more like gym class, in a game-shaped wrapper) features workouts crafted by the folks at Men’sHealth and Women’sHealth. Using Kinect’s skeletal tracking and body recognition software, the game provides dynamic feedback on your actions and progress, with classes that include Yoga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Boxing. Not your typical game, and all the better for it.

Apple iPad

In the not-so-distant future, our progeny will be amazed that we once gamed at anything so primitive as a PC or mobile phone. And kicking it all off is Apple’s iPad — rightfully deserving of its accolades, it’s a hybrid device that for our purposes, presents a fairly stellar platform for modern gaming. Interaction is all done through its multitouch display, making the gameplay both natural and tactile. Apple’s fledgling social gaming network, “Game Center,” makes it all the more compelling.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Oh, hells yeah. Is it a sequel? A mid-quel? Ubisoft’s bridge between AC2 and AC3 is a superb extension of the epic tale of morality, secrecy, and death, pitting the Templars against the brotherhood of Assassin’s. A truly great sandbox experience, AC: Brotherhood explores Renaissance Rome, letting you play alongside the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and Caterina Sforza, Countess of Forli, picking up some real historical context along the way. A great case for a studio taking its time with a franchise, perfecting its design, and truly delivering a polished, triple-A experience, this game also features an outstanding voice cast and best-of-breed graphics for this generation.

Blik Wall Graphics

OK, seriously? Want to befriend a Gaming Geek Friend for life? Treat them to a wall or workspace decked out in Blik’s gaming themed vinyl decals. Put simply, they are sublime, and every single person on Earth should own one. Options include, but not limited to: Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man, Asteroids, and Space Invaders. Two dimensional happiness for a three dimensional world.

Gaming Soaps

Nobody – and I mean, nobody, likes dirty gamers. They offend even themselves; it is a sad state of affairs. So strike to the heart (and skin) of the matter with gamer soaps! Including Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Microsoft controllers (plus the rare gold Zelda cartridge), these sudsy, vegan soaps will do their very best to bring cleanliness to even the greasiest of gamers. Cleanliness Unlocked!

Red Dead Redemption

Just awarded the Game of the Year prize from the VGA (beating a sizable host of competitors), Red Dead Redemption casts you as the troubled protagonist John Marston in one of the best pieces of entertainment (film, game, or otherwise) in the Western genre. A strong story, backed by an amazing cast of characters (including the headstrong Bonnie MacFarlane) , brings the American West to life in a game rich with detail and authenticity. A must have for any fan of Westerns and/or high entertainment value.

Child’s Play Charity

Now in its seventh year, the Child’s Play charity provides games, toys, and movies to children through a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide, driven by the gaming culture and industry. As of this writing, they have raised over $1,183,000 (for 2010 alone!) to help make life a little bit more bearable and fun for kids dealing with serious illness. What’s more to say? Donate on behalf of your Gamer to this amazing and generous cause, knowing that you’re giving a child some much needed joy when they need it most.

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