GeekGirlCon 2011 Press Round-Up! (Pre-Con Edition)

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Some of the many wonderful articles, posts, and podcasts featuring GeekGirlCon!


3 Chicks Review Comics
“For our hot topic this week we have special guests Erica McGillivray and Jennifer Kate Stuller from Geek Girl Con. We talk about diversity in comics.”

City Arts
Game-Changers by MARK BAUMGARTEN
“Or maybe there is space on the convention floor for women not dressed in metal bikinis. That’s the issue Jennifer Kate Stuller is pondering in early July, while sipping a glass of white wine on the patio of a Fremont bar.”

The Stranger
A Nerd of Her Own: GeekGirlCon Is a Place for Geeky Women (and the Men Who Love Them) by PAUL CONSTANT
“The GGC lineup is impressive—panels on Star Trek, science, zine-making, writing genre fiction, and sexism in the video game industry run side by side with Joss Whedon–themed burlesque shows, presentations by professional stuntwomen, Yoda-puppet-making workshops, and structured conversations about parenting, sex, and business ownership. The convention boasts more than 200 panelists. (The goal was to be comprehensive while still being discerning: Stuller says even though ‘I definitely want to make sure that everyone has a voice at our convention,’ one of the most important things she learned while putting the show together was ‘one of the most valuable things a woman can learn—how to say ‘No.’)’”

Seattle Metropolitan
Seattle Wonder Women Launch GeekGirlCon: Seattle comics lovers and fantasy fans unite for the first-ever GeekGirlCon. By Lisa Han
“A self-proclaimed ‘geek feminist,’ Stuller sees GGC as a space for women who are passionate about science and science fiction, technology, games, comics, fantasy, and LARPing to network and learn from each other—to geek out over all the fussy details within a respectful community. And unlike most of GGC’s predecessors, the added emphasis on intimacy and interactive activities has drawn in the shy newcomers.”

Tacoma Weekly
“We’re declaring geek girls off the endangered species list and supporting and celebrating what geeky women have been doing since the dawn of geekdom. We’re helping geeky women find role models, mentors, career ideas, friends, new obsessions, and more.”

Bitch Media
Bitch Radio: Getting Ready for Geek Girl Con! Audio post by Kjerstin Johnson
“Part of our mission, it’s right there in our mission statement, is that we are absolutely committed to being as diverse as possible. I hope next year that we have more diversity in our special guests than we do this year, but it’s a constant process, it’s something we’re striving for when we–and we have a very, extremely diverse racially, sexually, politically diverse group of staff members. But when we put out a call for proposals for programming from people we explicitly stated ‘we want [content] talking about these larger issues, so please bring [it] to us. We love it.’”

Pop Culture Zoo
Talking To Geek Girl Con’s PR Director, Kiri Callaghan BY JOSEPH DILWORTH JR.
‎”[I]t’s imperative that we support each other. I think that’s what Geek Girl Con is really about when you get to the heart of it; making family out of community. If we also happen to make the female demographic more visibile in the industry in the process, even better.”

Comic Booked
I am GeekGirlCon, Hear me ROAR! Rob Orr
“For a long time, the industry was really focused on trying to find geeky women. There were panels and talks about who some of these special unicorns were. Now the discussion has shifted to be about the recognition of these women, either in panels or in projects like GeekGirlCon or Womanthology. Part of what makes all these organizations successful is that they’re driven by women and for women. Yes, at GeekGirlCon, everyone is welcomed to our convention; but our focus is on women’s geekery and women are our audience. For the average geeky woman, being actively marketed to and having things created for her is a new revelation.”

CNN Geek Out Blog
Geek girls get their own Con, Erika D. Peterman
“It also has an impressive lineup: Among the guests are television writer/producer Jane Espenson (Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and comics writers Trina Robbins, Gail Simone, and Greg Rucka. Cheezburger Editor-in-Chief Emily Huh is on board, as is filmmaker Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, director of the independent documentary The History of the Universe as told by Wonder Woman.”

Post Defiance
Can’t Wait for GeekGirlCon Top Picks for the First-Ever Convention Celebrating the Best in Lady Geek Culture BY KATY EVANS
“Now, I’ve attended quite a few hobby conventions, and I think this is the first time where I have been more excited and inspired by the panels and sessions than by vendors. I’m particularly thrilled that three of my geeky heroes, Jane Espenson, Hope Larson and Gail Simone will be sharing their thoughts and visions in multiple sessions.”

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