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Comic Arts Conference Schedule Announced.

Bummed I’ll be missing it – – looks like a lot of interesting presentations this year.

Guest post by screenwriter and actress, Nia Vardalos over at Women in Media & News concerning Hollywood studios not making movies with female leads because “women don’t go to the movies.” Sounds like what we’ve heard from the gaming and comic book industries (women don’t play/read them – – which we know is bullshit).

A detailed and thought-provoking piece over at Salon on genre busting heroines in supernatural fiction including Buffy Summers, Anita Blake, and Sookie Stackhouse.

I’ve yet to get into True Blood or the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris, but this piece over at Damsel has me intrigued by the author’s suggestion that Sookie Stackhouse is the “natural heir to Buffy’s feminist throne.” Considering my interest in female heroes (and specifically, post-Buffy heroes I think I’m going to have to get cracking!

FYI – Just got a note from the Whedon Studies Association saying that the fourth biennial Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses will take place June 3 through 6 of 2010. Location plans are being finalized and will be announced soon.

I attended the Second Biennial Conference on the Whedonverses at Gordon College in Georgia in 2006 and had a fun and informative experience – – there’s no one like Whedon scholars for a good time and a great, scholarly conference!

An interview with Yours Truly, conducted by comic book academic, Nicholas Yanes, is over at SciFiPulse.Net.