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I have two pieces in the new issue of Bitch Magazine. One is on Peggy Hill’s most feminist moments and is called “Queen of the Hill” (natch). The other is a short Bitch List item on Fringe‘s Agent Olivia Dunham. Of course, there’s LOTS of other great stuff in the issue too!

Marvel & Disney

Princess Synergy: Disney’s Acquisition of Marvel is Good for Boys, But What About Girls?, by Jennifer K. Stuller for Bitch

Can Marvel-Disney Help Close the Comic Book Gender Gap?, by Sarah Jaffe for Newsarama

Mad Men

Did Don Draper Meet the Guy You Thought He Met?, By NYT Arts Beat Blog

The Footnotes of Mad Men – thanks to Kelsey Wallace of Bitch for the tip.


Women in Comics Conference at Cambridge

There Goes My Hero

Understanding Superheroes

The Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Animated Series Promo (an oldie but a goodie)

Plus-Sized Models and Glamour Magazine

Glamour Shocks Readers By Featuring Plus-Size Model’s Belly – from Jezebel

Coming This Fall: More Naked Fat Ladies In Glamour! – from Jezebel

Do Women Really Want To See Themselves In Fashion Magazines? – from Jezebel

Bitch Popaganda: Superwomen (or Lack Thereof) Edition


Hi there! And an intro and some thoughts on food. – Lisa Jervis for Feministe

CliffsNotes to the food revolution: The co-founder of Bitch magazine talks about living the Michael Pollan way and the gender politics of the kitchen – By Jaclyn Friedman for Salon

Women, Film, and Food – by Jennifer K. Stuller for Bitch

Quentin Tarantino

“Inglourious Basterds” Quentin Tarantino’s “Jews vs. Nazis” epic is unwieldy, nutso and often boring. That doesn’t mean it isn’t any good – By Stephanie Zacharek for Salon

Sara Freeman’s review of Inglourious Basterds

An Awesome Movie Critic – EW PopWatch

Interview with Tavis Smiley

My article on the traveling exhibition, Jim Henson’s Fantastic World, and its stop at the EMP|SFM, is in the current issue of Geek Monthly!