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Hey Scoobies! It’s Week 48 of the Great Buffy Rewatch – – and I’m back to discuss Bring on the Night, Showtime, and Potential!

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Tonight’s Miss Representation: Seattle Screening at the SIFF Cinema Uptown is Sold Out! So excited for GeekGirlCon to be screening this in partnership with SIFF, Reel Grrls, and Women’s Funding Alliance – and honored to have been asked to participate in the post-screening discussion as a panelist. Looking forward to talking about media literacy and activism with a great crowd!!!

The Muppets was wonderful perfect. And, if like me you are a child of the late 1970s/early 80s bring lots and lots of tissues. I was choked up, teary, smiling and clapping through the whole darling thing.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to interview Karen Falk, head archivist at The Henson Company, about the Jim Henson Retrospective touring the country through SITES. We chatted at length about Kermit’s inception in 1955 as a glorified sock puppet, Henson’s experimental film work, and how Fraggle Rock was meant to inspire world peace.

“Jim always said that Kermit was the character he felt closest to,” says Falk. “Kermit was very much the center of things – the way Jim was – but not necessarily in control of all these people. Jim was an amazing gatherer of talent and he recognized talent in people and brought them into the fold and let them do their own thing—and Kermit of course does that very much in The Muppet Show.”

I’m honored to be profiled in this month’s “Perspectives: Newsletter of the UW College of Arts & Sciences” – Go Huskies! Yay for CHID Alums! Local famous!

Photo Courtesy of The One True b!X

My first national byline, circa 1994. (St. Clement’s and Hall Middle School newspapers had been local of course.) While my relatively novice, if precocious, contribution to the piece was heavily edited by my co-author, Stuller Sr., it was an important lesson from Master Po to his Grasshopper that all writers must compromise if they want a byline that comes with a paycheck.

Plus, how awesome was my hair?