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The Great Buffy Rewatch starts tonight! Organized by Nikki Stafford and taking place on Tuesday nights throughout 2011, the rewatch will feature a variety of amazing contributors including:

Nikki Stafford herself. Nikki is the author of such books as: The Finding LOST guides and Bite Me!: The Chosen Edition The Unofficial Guide to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Elizabeth Rambo – co-editor of Buffy Goes Dark.

Ian Klein – Contributor to Inside Joss’ Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum.

David Lavery and Rhonda Wilcox – the father and mother of Buffy Studies and co-editors of Fighting The Forces: What’s At Stake In Buffy The Vampire Slayer?.

Stacey Abbott – the world’s leading Angel scholar and author or editor of such books as: Celluloid Vampires: Life After Death in the Modern World, Reading Angel: The TV Spin-off With a Soul, and The Cult TV Book: From Star Trek to Dexter, New Approaches to TV Outside the Box.

Husband and Wife power duo- Ensley Guffey and Dale Guffey. Dale is the author of Faith and Choice in the Works of Joss Whedon.

There are many more – including yours truly!

I will be doing my best to watch every Tuesday between 7:30 and 9:30 pm – West Coast time – before reading that week’s post online at Nikki’s blog! I love thinking about my Buffy peeps watching all over the world and hope you will join us over the coming year!

I know there are several of you that have been just as excited for this as I am – Day 5 of the Ink-Stained Amazon’s Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks is For The Joss Whedon Fan! Whether your Whedon Geek loved Buffy, hated Dollhouse, knows all the words to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, or is a Browncoat, there is something here for every kind of Whedonian!

Who can resist the cuteness of this Fruity Oaty Girls Bobblehead Maquette from the Mr. Sparkle-inspired Fruity Oaty Bars commercial?

Not Mandatory!

The Slayer Scythe is a totally cool, but rather pricey gift for the Buffy fan with a lot of room in their home – or their own Slayer army.

Are you ready to be strong?

The Ink-Stained Hubby picked me up a Buffy iPhone GelaSkin last year in the UK and I’m always getting compliments on it. Would make a great stocking stuffer for your Buffy Geek!

Stay clean with a bar of Browncoat Field Ration Soap from Geeky Clean – another great stocking stuffer!

Misbehave all you want, and wash up after!

For the fan of Hoban “Wash” Washburne, there’s the Inevitable Betrayal T-Shirt and the Little Damn Heroes Animated Maquette (with removable dinosaurs you can play with!) both from Quantum Mechanix.

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Is your geek planning to join the Evil League of Evil? Well then they’ll need a Dr. Horrible Lab Coat T-Shirt!

With my freeze-ray . . .

I’ve already gone through one set of Yummy Sushi Pajamas – and another is on my personal holiday wish list. If Buffy didn’t look commanding in them your Geek probably won’t either. But they will be just as cute!

That probably would have sounded more commanding if I wasn't wearing my Yummy Sushi pajamas.

If your Geek doesn’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Complete Series they’ll need it so they can participate in the upcoming Great Buffy Rewatch. Organized by Nikki Stafford and taking place on Tuesday nights throughout 2011, the rewatch will feature a variety of amazing contributors.

In every generation there is a Chosen One . . .

How about a copy of the adapted “Smile Time” episode of Angel for your Angel fan? “Smile Time” was, of course, inspired by The Muppets. The comic book version of the darkly hilarious episode is collected here with 2 other puppet-related stories.

You're a bloody puppet!

Your Angel Geek might also enjoy an Angel Investigations T-shirt.

We help the helpless.

Dollhouse the complete first and second seasons would go great with a copy of Inside Joss’ Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum from Smart Pop Books.

(It really did get better.)

As a member of the Whedon Studies Association, a Whedon geek, and a pop culture scholar and historian I’m tempted to list a whole bunch of book recommendations for your Geek, but think you should just peruse The Slayage Whedonverses Bookstore. Really, it’s full of Awesome Sauce.

The Whedonverse. Polysemic, much?

Finally, there are always great Whedonverse themed items on Etsy!

For example, what geek wouldn’t love a shiny Holiday Sock inspired by Jayne Cobb’s knitted hat?


Personally, I’m debating getting 2 of these mini-Jayne Cobb hats for our Maltese (and resident Whedonians/research assistants), Giles and Wesley.

I mean, C'mon!!! How cute is this?!??

Is your Geek Grrrl always letting you know that Whedon is her master now? Does she need to let the world know with earrings that say so?

For the Uber-Geek

Take notes at the next Biennial Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses with this handmade Buffy journal. The front & back covers feature actual comic pages from the Season 8 comics. You can even ask the artist to design one for you that focuses on a particular character or specific issue from the series.

Handmade Journal

These Slayer Scythe earrings are the absolute coolest. (And, yeah, they’re so cool I actually already went ahead and ordered a pair for myself.)

For the Stylish Geekess

The Fourth Biennial Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses was held June 3rd through 6th at the historic Flagler College campus in St. Augustine, Florida.

Flagler College

The campus itself was originally built as the Hotel Ponce de Leon by Henry Morrison Flagler in 1888. The interior design of this luxury resort is credited to Louis Comfort Tiffany who also contributed stained glass windows and mosaics. The college was founded in 1968 and currently has 2500 students and a staff of 100.

After a travel adventure that began in Seattle with a flight that left at 10:00 pm and arrived in Jacksonville (via Philly) the following morning, I was picked up by a shuttle courtesy of Flagler. Much to my delight, Sara Freeman, who I’ve known only online, was also on the shuttle – – though at this point both of us were too tired to do anything other than hug “Hello” and space out for the hour long ride to St. Augustine.

I decided to splurge on a Bed and Breakfast, and stayed at the super-cute St. Francis Inn. It was quiet, comfortable, and only a short walk from the college.

St. Francis Inn

After a nap and a shower, I met with Sara at registration and we walked to St. George St. — the heart of the little town – – and found a place to sit and have a snack and a chat.

Sara Freeman

The Ink-Stained Amazon

We then walked back to the college for the evening’s reception, which was almost like a family reunion — as it was filled with people who hadn’t seen each other in a SlayAge.* After much drinking (and of shockingly decent conference wine at that!) David Lavery and other conference speakers performed excerpts from interviews collected in Joss Whedon: Conversations, which he co-edited with Cynthia Burkhead.

The next morning I missed Janet Halfyard’s keynote, as I had to prepare for my presentation but Nikki Stafford has a write-up on that.

There were only about 20 people in the audience (probably my smallest ever) as I was up against a panel on Dollhouse. But I was really pleased with my presentation and it got a few laughs – – a few people even approached me after to say they enjoyed it.

I did a book signing after – and no one came! (sad face)

Whedon-Related Books For Sale

But copies of my book sold out before the first day was even over! (happy face)

Later in the day, Sara presented her paper, “His Girl Doomsday: The Professionalism of Lilah Morgan” (and battled the thunderous storm to be heard). This panel, devoted to Angel, also included Natalie Steven’s “Objectification and Power in Season 5 of Angel” and Stacey Abbott’s wonderful “Enough of the Action, Let’s Get Back to Dancing”: Joss Whedon directs Angel” — a presentation on the episode “Waiting in the Wings.”

I also met the fabulous Dale (Koontz) Guffey and Ensley Guffey (oh, you’ll hear much gushing about them!).

More to come in Part Two, but first I really want to thank the following for putting together a fabulous conference:

The Whedon Studies Association
Rhonda Wilcox
David Lavery
Tanya Cochran
Jim Wilson & Tamara Wilson

I’m also grateful to the following for their help with research assistance:
Stephanie Ogle of Cinema Books
Stacey Abbott
Chris Casos of Comics Dungeon

And to my husband, Ryan Wilkerson, who spent 5 days designing my slide deck and making me an awesome video trailer – – we make an incredible team!

*It was determined at the final panel, Buffy Bookers, that a “SlayAge” was 3 days followed by 2 years. An awesome term now in full use and coined by Dale Koontz.

Just a little bit of footage of the wonderful sing-a-long from the conference banquet is now live on YouTube. We sing Angel’s favorite – “Mandy” – The theme to Firefly, and “The Hero of Canton.” What great fun!

At Slayage 2010 . . .

Watch as cheerleaders wield weapons!

Fall in love with mutant teenagers and their mad computer skills!

Swoon over (pre-Twilight) sexy vampires! (And just try to avoid their thrall!)

Learn about the eye-patchy commandos, demi-goddesses, and fuzzy puppets who found their way into character development, narrative, and dialogue in . . .

This Friday at Flager College in St. Augustine, Florida!