Pre-teen Raider–She likes pretty things

on August 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Get thee to as soon as possible to watch Gail Simone’s “Pre-teen Raider”–an animated imagining of Lady Lara Croft as a rebellious school grrrl.

The five minute short revolves around Lara stealing an ancient artifact from the school’s gallery (which belongs to her father anyway)– a dagger which allegedly “eats men’s souls.”

Young Lady Croft is reprimanded by her Headmistress, who tells her it’s time to learn how to be “a proper English girl.” I think we know how Lara responds that sort of admonishment.

“Esteemed Miss Dickenson, With all due respect, I believe it’s time for you to update your definition of ‘Lady-like.'”

Simone writes cool women so well. Her characters stand up for themselves and don’t take no for an answer. They’re brave and funny. Her interpretation of Lara has the same moxie as Jolie’s, but with the rebelliousness you’d expect from a blossoming young woman.

Let’s hope that the savvy Cartoon Network sees this and hires Simone to write a “Pre-teen Raider” series. It’s entertainment young girls (and adult women!) would not only enjoy, but perhaps learn something positive from. There just aren’t enough images of young girls with self-respect and verve.

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