Female Mascotitude! Kristen Schaal on Gender Discrimination in Olympic Mascots

on April 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Caught this fabulous, scathing, poignant, and funny commentary on gender discrimination presented by Kristen Schaal on The Daily Show. One of those daring pieces that you could tell made the audience really uncomfortable (as it should have) and ended so brilliantly I actually clapped at the television!

Hurray for The New Progressive Mascots of the Olympics!

! Power! Possibility! Stay at Home Dad! and Anonymous Sperm Donor!

See also her piece on Women Presidents:

The Daily Show has always presented progressive comedy, and while Nancy Walls, and Samantha Bee have been formidable comedians they were no where near as blatantly feminist as Schaal. I loved her as the adorably creepy fan, Mel, on Flight of the Conchords and hope we see more of her soon. In fact, she should get a cover story on BUST, and I should write it!

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