Random Thoughts

on March 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Haven’t posted in awhile so just some random thoughts:


–I’d really missed Reaper and am glad to have new episodes of this band of Xander Harris’ sending demons back to hell. Though I hope they give Valarie Rae Miller more to so than show up as the ex-girlfriend/best friend. She has too much presence to stay on the sidelines. My hope is that she (reluctantly) ends up assisting Sam et.al with their missions.

(On a side note, what was up with the stock footage of The Kingdome which was demolished in 2000?!? Way cheap, CW. Way cheap.)

A couple of quick things about LOST
–Ben Linus is such a fantastic villain because we haven’t seen a true Black Hat in a long time. Alias’ Sloan and Irina Derevko both had shades of gray, as do the current Battlestar’s Cylons and Gaius Baltar. Ben insists he’s “one of the good guys” (I’m not convinced he is, just that he thinks he is). But his cold-blooded evil is ever more effective after seeing baddies with whom we could occasionally empathize. Ben has never put the audience in that position.

–A beef with LOST: Many characters have been named after male thinkers: Hume, Locke, Faraday, C.S. Lewis, Rousseau, Burke, and so on. Why no Morrison, hooks, de Beauvoir, Kovaleskaya, Woolf, or Hypatia?

–A second beef with LOST (which is truly one of the greatest television series of all time). Not enough Zoe Bell!!!!! That cameo was disappointingly short.

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