Women Read Comics in Public

on August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Saturday is International “Read Comics in Public Day” a day designed to show off the number of comics readers ‘round the globe. The writer of DC Women Kicking Ass has taken the idea one step further and encourages women to make a statement with a wonderful “Women Read Comics in Public” project.

This Saturday, if you are a woman who reads comics take your love to the street and show it off by participating in this event. But I had a thought, what if we showed off lots of images of women reading comics in public? . . .To facilitate this I have created a Tumblr “Women Read Comics in Public”. Help me fill it with images of women reading comics from this Saturday’s event. What do to do? Grab a comic, go somwhere public on Saturday, take a picture of you reading it and and send it to me. If you’re not a woman send me a picture of your girlfriend, sister, wife, mom, daughter, or co-worker reading. If you want privacy hold the comic in front of your face. You can send me the pictures by using the submit button on the blog, over Twitter or email it to dcwomenkickingass@yahoo.com.

You can count on me participating! Now . . . what am I going to read?!?!? 😉

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