Superwomen in the Movies

on June 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

On the subject of female heroes in movies and television I wanted to link to a couple of thought-provoking posts & sites.

The first is by Cindy Cooper of Blog Spot “The Bad Genious” who passionately writes about the need for women and girls to see positive heroic representations of their sex/gender to be able to grow up believing in themselves. In fact, she relates a story about spinning with her sister until dizzy and nauseated, hoping upon hope to burst into Amazonian Princesses, that echoes one I tell in my book introduction almost word for word. She also asks, and answers, the question,“So why didn’t those little girls watching superheroes grow to be a generation of women reading about superheroes?” and notes the frustrating fact that movies featuring superwomen just aren’t given the same respect as those with supermen–which forces young girls to identify with either the love interest or the contemporary male heroic ideal.

Supervillainess over at “Female Comic Book Superheroes” asks female audiences an important question with What’s Your Dream Superheroine Movie? (My desires include: A Modesty Blaise movie worthy of her character, a Promethea movie, a good Buffy movie, Wonder Woman, natch, and Birds of Prey.)

And Heroine Content always has thoughtful critiques of race and gender in movies and television.

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