Wonder Woman Day II

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We went to Portland this past weekend to participate in the second annual Wonder Woman Day –a fundraiser for local Domestic Violence shelters and resources, including Raphael House, Bradley-Angle House, and the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. Last year’s event raised over $15,000 and this year’s raised over well over $20,000.

Wonder Woman Day is organized by writer Andy Mangels whose history of the Amazon Princess, The Wonder Woman Companion, is coming out next Summer.

And is hosted by the friendly staff at Excalibur Comics on SE Hawthorne.

Artists with a range of skills, and from a range of locations, donate illustrations of the Amazon Princess which are then put up for auction. Winning bids ranged from $20 up to the over $6,000 donated for an Alex Ross original. I bid on, and won, this lovely piece by Joan Reilly.

I wasn’t familiar with the artist but she sublimely captured the joy I felt as a little girl when Linda Carter would transform from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman.

Professional artist Anne Timmons was in attendance, as were writer Gail Simone, and artist & writer Phil Jimenez.

All were doing signings and sketches for donations.

Anne lives in Southern Washington and co-created Go Girl! with Trina Robbins.

She drew me this lovely sketch of a young Diana.

Her proud parents came out to the event to support her and take photos–it was so sweet!

Gail, who is an Oregonian, signed a copy of the latest collection of Birds of Prey for me.

And Phil, who must have flown out from New York for this,

sketched this gorgeous Princess Diana for me.

Everyone there was generous and friendly; the staff, Andy, Anne, Gail and Phil–who was particularly gracious. We’d met by chance at Wonder Con last year, and he remembered us (which is mind-boggling to me, because he must come across thousands of people every year). He is honestly one of the kindest, most sincere, and curious persons I’ve ever met.

I forgot to ask Andy if Wonder Woman Day was inspired by Trina’s book, Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story (illustrated by Colleen Doran and available from Mile High Comics). It’s a story that addresses issues of domestic violence, as well as provides resources for women in need of them.

Participants could have their pictures taken with a Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman mannequin.

And if all this has got you itching for Lynda Carter in those satin tights–Seasons One, Two and Three of Wonder Woman are available as a set from Amazon!

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