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on September 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

Next week is Premiere week and I’ll be posting reviews of Heroes, the revamped introductory episode of Bionic Woman (which will hopefully be better than the pilot, and season seven of Smallville which will feature Kara Zor El (Supergirl):

and had better feature my favorite reporter, Chloe Sullivan.

I’m thinking of having a Heroes-a-thon on Monday leading up to the time Season Two starts. It’ll get a good chunk of research done, on Claire & her bravery, on the regressive female hero (stripper!Mom), on the evolved male hero (Peter Petrelli & empathy) and on parents. Many of the themes I’m addressing in the book are illustrated throughout the series and so I’m (currently) using it as the focus of my conclusion, “Where Do We Go From Here?” It serves as a marker for where we are culturally in our representations of race and gender (and hopefully soon class and sexuality) and as it’s still a text in progress hopefully we’ll see some progressive evolution.

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