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Don’t usually do linky-blogging, but check out these great photos of Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell on the Heroes set at Superherohype


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We’re about to get back on the road to Seattle & home, but I wanted to say a few quick things about last night’s episode of Heroes.

First off, it was much more entertaining than the season-setting premiere. It had a faster pace, and yet it also felt like we got to spend more quality time with characters.

There were such wonderful moments (which I fear I am too tired right now to fully articulate) but a list includes:

Hiro and “The Battle of the Twelve Swords”

Disguised as Kensei, Hiro becomes the actual hero of this legend, and the joy of it for me comes from the fact that because Hiro has evolved genetically he is able to perform the magic of this myth–the one that inspired him no less. So as in storytelling, both ancient and modern, magic and science come together to create something larger than life.

And love Hiro doing his part to preserve the story as he knows it . . .

“You can write about this in your history books!”

Is what he shouts after the samurai as they turn tail at his majesty.

Peter Petrelli’s Display of Superheroics

The way he organically (and effortlessly) combined all his absorbed powers was a thing of beauty. His amnesia may actually be the key to his learning how to best use these gifts. Previously he was resistant to them, and they were therefore unstable. As Claude tried to teach him in Season One–they best thing to do is make it a natural extension of yourself–to not think about it.

Claire’s Pinky Toe

How much do I love Claire!?!?! I love her excitement, her bravery, her inquisitiveness, her intelligence and her ability to explore. And I love her pleasure.

Buffy Summers, previously the mold for modern superheroines, never really took pleasure in her abilities. And you’d never see her actually researching them–that was a job for Giles or the Scoobies. But we know that when the creepy boy left a copy of Activating Evolution for Claire that she will be reading it.

I love that she knows how important her abilities are, and that at 16 is aware that she “could be missing an opportunity to help people!” She’s making connections. If her skin can regenerate after “boiling it with the eggs” perhaps her blood can heal people as well (which is actually what Mohinder is doing to help those heroes infected with the virus–which now includes The Haitian).

I knew once her science teacher mentioned in his lecture that humans had evolved to the point that we no longer need certain organs/appendages that Claire was going to cut off her pinky toe–just to see if it grew back. When it did her reaction was a breathless:

No way!”